Guitar for Beginners
Chord Progression Practice in C Major


  • Video tutorials available at: #1  –  #2  –  #3
  • PDF file – Digital Download
  • 10 pages of exercices
  • TAB and Standard Music Notation
  • MP3 file examples


Download for FREE the Chord Progression Practice in C Major lesson: it’s a part of the tutorials collection called Guitar for Beginners created by the Bruskers Guitar Duo.

The chord progression in C Major is introduced and several fingerstyle and strumming rhythmic patterns are supplied to better practice the entire chords changes.

All the information provided in this booklet are related to the videos collection “Guitar for Beginners – Chord Progression Practice in C Major”. For a better comprehension of the material watch the lessons at the following links: LESSON #1LESSON #2LESSON #3

All the examples are presented in standard music notation, tablature and detailed fingerings.
The workbook is available in PDF format; last but not least the MP3 track with the audio examples is included.
It’s time to do some practice on chords… let’s go!

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